BackOffice™ SaaS Product

A suite of 15 fully-fledged, fully integrated back-office apps (including a flexible content management system that doesn't overwhelm), all fully designed & coded in-house.

The bespoke content management system (CMS) provides in-place editing, automated and simplified manual SEO among many other features that make it easier to use than WordPress.  The platform can (and does) serve as both a customer-facing website and back-office suite targeted at small and medium organizations.


This web application platform was created in 2007 by Ananda Masri as a content management and order processing system for an auto-inspections startup.  Since then, the platform has been in continuous development to serve Aurora Web and its clients.

To date, this platform has powered 20 production sites (including this one).  Each site uses a sub-set of the available applications.


The platform and its applications are contained in a single, monolithic codebase, including individual site designs and configuration.

The codebase (leveraging the CodeIgniter PHP framework) depends on several third-party packages, a deployment system, and several (API) services.

Every production site is hosted on Aurora Web's secure, fully-managed, performant cloud infrastructure, duplicated across geographic regions (for resilience).  Every site benefits from a segregated data repository with scheduled backups.


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