BackOffice™ SaaS Product

A suite of 15 fully-fledged, fully integrated back-office apps (including a flexible content management...

Google Maps API

Hordes of developers lean heavily on Google's Mapping API.   Add me to that list. . .    

StageProject™ SaaS Product

  This product is a stage payments, contract management, and online billing web application. Currently...


  At the time (initial release circa 2009) there simply wasn't an easy to use Wiki for non-techs.

Staff Directory & Availability App

An internal and/or customer facing Staff Directory highlighting staff availability.  Part of a fully...

Portfolio App

A project archival system (PHP-backed) for research & future proposal development (but equally suited to client facing portfolio).

CRM Suite

Customer Relationship Management Suite

Contacts & List Management App

This app is at version 3 (complete re-writes spanning 5 years).  After all it's hard to render 7500+...

Atomisa HTML --> PDF Service

Back story: One of my PHP web applications allows end-users to create reports.  Whilst these are created...

Mezosphere Url Monitoring Service

A fully reactive url monitoring system to help server admins sleep at night.   This is a Node. js / Vue.

High-tech winter camping stove

This project utilizes diverse technologies: * combustion * electronic hardware (sensors and micro-controller)...

Dialog Component - js

As a web application developer, I use interactive popups quite a bit. While there are many out there,...

Growl Component - js

TLDR: a classy open-source notification system for the browser (javascript). What's so great about it?

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