The Full Monte

A fully integrated suite of 15 fully-fledged back-office apps (including a content management system), designed & coded in-house.

Google Maps API

Hordes of developers lean heavily on Google's Mapping API.   Add me to that list. . .    

Stage Payments App

I'm a serial entrepreneur and a prolific coder.  My latest project is a stage payments, contract management, and online billing web application.


One of my early PHP apps (initial version circa 2009). At the time there simply wasn't an easy to use Wiki for non-techs.

Staff Directory & Availability App

An internal and/or customer facing Staff Directory highlighting staff availability.  Part of a fully...

Portfolio App

A project archival system (PHP-backed) for research & future proposal development (but equally suited to client facing portfolio).

CRM Suite

Customer Relationship Management Suite

Contacts & List Management App

This app is at version 3 (complete re-writes spanning 5 years).  After all it's hard to render 7500+...

Atomisa HTML --> PDF Service

Back story: One of my PHP web applications allows end-users to create reports.  Whilst these are created...

Mezosphere Url Monitoring Service

A fully reactive url monitoring system to help server admins sleep at night.   This is a Node. js / Vue.

High-tech winter camping stove

This project utilizes diverse technologies: * combustion * electronic hardware (sensors and micro-controller)...

Dialog Component - js

As a web application developer, I use interactive popups quite a bit. While there are many out there,...

Growl Component - js

TLDR: a classy open-source notification system for the browser (javascript). What's so great about it?