Virality is an Ingredient


Products that are inherently viral are easier to market.


Conventional wisdom

says that if you design a great product or service the world will beat down your door.  But sometimes a marketing firm with a megaphone is needed first, and viral marketing is their nuclear option. 

Viral marketing often means crafting a video (or other content) that creates a buzz and makes people want to share it with their friends.  Of course this approach is expensive, especially for small firms and startups and, while marketers are geniuses, they can't pull off magic tricks every time and simply fail with some products.

So when we develop new products we test the market as early as possible (ideally before building anything), take an incremental approach to adding features beyond the core concept, build metrics into the  product or platform, and bake virality into the product at the design and development stage.

App Virality

The most direct approach is a referral system incentivizing both the current and potential user.

But really an app employs viral marketing whenever one user takes an action that engages another potential user.  For example, a user of a ToDo app creates a task and assigns it to a colleague.  Their colleague gets a notification and opens the todo app and they realize how the app could solve their own needs.

And we don't want existing users to forget our app so we’ll send helpful notifications, daily and weekly digests etc. and weekly digests etc.


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