How we do what we do

Recycle (and do it right the first time)

Aurora Web thrives on code re-use: both consuming and open-sourcing shareable assets.  Combined with our commitment to quality work, code recycling enables us to hit the ground running on new projects and maintain re-useable components in one place.

We've crafted all of our applications in-house so that they're as easy as possible to use, integrate fully with each other, and deliver a consistent UI. 

Our customers gain access to a substantial asset pool, and assets built for them contribute to our ecosystem.  We partner with clients who resonate with an open approach.  They get to have both beautiful design and access to a wealth of code and expertise.  

About Us

I'm a talented (ahem) full-stack web developer (with a creative streak), while James is a skillful graphic designer (with marketing chops and a firm grasp of HTML).  Between us, we bend the web to our will.


What we Do

Aurora Web is focused on what I do best: web application development.  Many people don't realize that web application development is a software engineering job, and conversely, that creating a website is usually done in collaboration with a digital/creative agency leveraging a content management system like WordPress.

If you're primarily looking to create a public facing website, or take an existing one to the next level, we know a company that's done some great work and have included them in our team section.


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