BackOffice Overview


BackOffice™ is a collaborative web platform for project teams. It's an organization-wide system built on the premise that your team is capable, trustworthy, and working on the same side. This vision allows staff to contribute beyond departmental boundaries and formal roles. 

If you like the sound of that then BackOffice™ may be a good fit for your organization.



BackOffice™ is a mature platform and offers several functional modules. The core value proposition is in the integration of those modules and their shared data.

For example, project work and time-entry activity within BackOffice™ drives financial reporting, monthly reports, builds out the organization's portfolio, and generates data for research and new proposals. Marketing staff curate the portfolio for the public-facing website.

Each organization will typically use just a subset of the available modules:

  1. Web Content Management System (CMS)
  2. Wiki
  3. Blog
  4. Project Portfolio
  5. Staff Directory with availability tracking
  6. Awards & Recognition
  7. Stage-contract management and billing
  8. Events and ticketing
  9. E-commerce store with products, ratings, and a shopping cart
  10. Store locations
  11. Testimonials
  12. Classified Ads
  13. Photovoltaic system status
  14. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
    1. List management
    2. Newsletters
    3. Marketing Followup
  15. Time Entry (in the pipeline)


Product Fit

  1. Does your organization revolve around projects?
  2. Do you resonate with our philosophy?
  3. Do you like the idea of distributed co-working, empowering people from across your organization to work on different facets of the same project?
  4. Do you believe that working towards a shared goal is possible at an organizational level?
  5. Do you think of your organization as a hierarchical tree or as a network?
  6. Would you prefer your public-facing website to be an ongoing work-in-progress, thats representative of you and your colleagues - or pixel-perfect?



Access Control

Like many large applications, BackOffice™ has concepts like user authentication and group-based access control.



Once logged in, access flows from group membership:

  1. Everyone: is the base level representing the general public.
  2. Team: trusted access to most features and content.
  3. Admin: ability to manage access for other groups.
  4. Webmaster: site configuration.

These are built-in system groups. However, Admins may create any number of groups (or tweak the system groups) - nuanced access for different users across different modules.


Module Access

  1. General
  2. Wiki
  3. Blog
  4. Contracts
  5. CRM

The wiki, blog, contracts, and CRM modules, have unique security arrangements. Other modules share the "General" security protocol.


The system recognizes four fundamental levels of access:

  1. none: i.e. no access.
  2. view: public level access
  3. edit: create and edit content
  4. moderate: additional powers (in specific contexts)


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