BackOffice Overview

PHILOSOPHY BackOffice™ is an open, collaborative web platform for project teams. It's an organization-wide...

How we do what we do

RECYCLE (AND DO IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME) Aurora Web thrives on code re-use: both consuming and open-sourcing shareable assets.

A modern front-end web development workflow

What does it look like to develop the front-end code of a modern web app? As you know browsers understand javascript, CSS, and HTML (only).

Configuring multiple subdomains on an NGINX webserver

TLDR:  In this post I'm going to detail an optimal NGINX webserver configuration for multiple subdomains...

Building a completely reactive app with Vue.js &

At the beginning of this year (2020), I released a web app (a 6 month side-project): a fully reactive, real-time web-app leveraging Vue.

Virality is an Ingredient

TL;DR Products that are inherently viral are easier to market.   CONVENTIONAL WISDOM says that if...

The front-end

TL;DR Javascript and the web browser have come a long way in the last few years and it's feasible to build a complex FRONT-END web app.

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