BackOffice Overview

PHILOSOPHY BackOffice™ is a collaborative web platform for project teams. It's an organization-wide...

Who What Why?

Everything we make is as easy to use as humanly possible. That's my primary goal in any case.  It also has to look good and break some new ground.

A modern front-end web development workflow

What does it look like to develop the front-end code of a modern web app? As you know browsers understand javascript, CSS, and HTML (only).

Configuring multiple subdomains on an NGINX webserver

TLDR:  In this post I'm going to detail an optimal NGINX webserver configuration for multiple subdomains...

Building a completely reactive app with Vue.js &

At the beginning of this year (2020), I released a web app (a 6 month side-project): a fully reactive, real-time web-app leveraging Vue.

Virality is an Ingredient

TL;DR Products that are inherently viral are easier to market.   CONVENTIONAL WISDOM says that if...

The front-end

TL;DR Javascript and the web browser have come a long way in the last few years and it's feasible to build a complex FRONT-END web app.

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