BackOffice™ gives small-medium firms an edge. It helps knowledge workers perform at a higher level. If your organization undertakes large projects, then it can help you scale.

BackOffice is a white label product that's setup and branded for your organization. Choose from 14 fully-integrated applications (2 new ones are in the pipeline for 2022 - Time entry and Memo).


As Simple as Humanly Possible

Because life is already complex.



More than ever our data is fragmented and duplicated across the web. However, powerful benefits arise when multiple applications share data intelligently.

For example, employee time-entry data can drive payroll, project management, and research data for proposals. A single company address book can serve your whole organization if it contains all your suppliers, clients, internal team, customers, and event attendees in one place.  Organize free and ticketed events and dispatch newsletters with little effort and without thinking about GDPR compliance.  See all the touch points for each person in your address book.


A Database

BackOffice organizes your data, and then presents it back to you and your team insight-fully and in-context. For added flexibility, your data can be accessible via an API (e.g. for driving your customer-facing website and other systems). Your data is yours and you can have it back. We secure your data, respect confidentiality and personal privacy.


A Website

BackOffice is a powerful platform. It supports blogging and includes an exceptionally friendly CMS that can serve as (or drive) your public-facing website. However, in situations where you just need a website, or when WordPress could serve your needs, BackOffice would be overkill.



We offer friendly tech support to you and all your end-users via a chat button. Questions that only you can answer are forwarded to you.

Feedback and requests for new features are always welcome. 

We offer an exceptionally reliable service on some of the fastest cloud infrastructure available and perform regular maintenance to ensure that our systems are secure and up-to-date.


Plans & Pricing

All plans include installation, configuration, and branding to your organization. We will also assist you in determining the product blend that you need.

BackOffice is available via a simple monthly subscription but you can also extend it to streamline or systematize your organization's unique service offering.


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