Productivity tools for Project teams in Small-Medium Organizations.

Aurora Web is obsessively focused on delivering only the features that will provide the greatest value to our customers in the simplest way possible. Our 2 primary product offerings: BackOffice™ and StageProject™ streamline organizational workflows and improve the productivity of project teams.

StageProject™ is for multi-stage projects involving subcontractors and clients. It organizes the contractual relationships and empowers project managers to manage stage-billing and project financial health.

BackOffice™ is a mature white-label platform offering 14 web applications (and counting). Together these applications share data across your organization delivering efficiency and insight.  Put to work BackOffice™ will help with many of the tasks typically needed in small-medium sized firms and do a lot to organize and centralize the data for your entire operation, including project teams, marketing, and customer relationship management CRM.  BackOffice™ has helped other SMEs scale-up and compete at a higher level. 

If you have a unique organizational workflow then we may be able to build it cost-effectively on our BackOffice™ platform.


BackOffice Overview

PHILOSOPHY BackOffice™ is a collaborative web platform for project teams. It's an organization-wide...

Who What Why?

Everything we make is as easy to use as humanly possible. That's my primary goal in any case.  It also has to look good and break some new ground.

A modern front-end web development workflow

What does it look like to develop the front-end code of a modern web app? As you know browsers understand javascript, CSS, and HTML (only).

Configuring multiple subdomains on an NGINX webserver

TLDR:  In this post I'm going to detail an optimal NGINX webserver configuration for multiple subdomains...



BackOffice™ SaaS Product

A suite of 15 fully-fledged, fully integrated back-office apps (including a flexible content management...

Google Maps API

Hordes of developers lean heavily on Google's Mapping API.   Add me to that list. . .    

StageProject™ SaaS Product

  This product is a stage payments, contract management, and online billing web application. Currently...


  At the time (initial release circa 2009) there simply wasn't an easy to use Wiki for non-techs.


Giving back

Fuelled by established, public code repositories, developers often leverage hundreds of open source software packages in their projects.  The benefits are that many of these building blocks are of high quality, well documented, and tested.

As an experienced developer with something to offer, I'll identify code that I've built which could be useful to others.  I'll simplify it, reorganize, modernize, generalize, document, test, package, and then publish it in my public repositories.

Keeping my code in a central repository helps me too.  Apart from giving back to the community, it keeps my code organized and I get to consume my own modules in multiple projects.  If I need to improve a component, or just fix a bug, I can do it in one place and have the updates propagate into all projects that depend on it.

Ultimately, sharing my work is a way of giving back; a way to belong, serve, and swim in a greater pool.

growl-jsA classy notification system for the browsergrowl-js demo
dialogA flexible javascript popup dialog.dialog demo
dom-utilsA collection of useful javascript utilities that supplement jQuery. 

Team / Partners

Ananda Masri

Full-Stack web development




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